Monster Inside Me

May 31, 2011

The pulmonologist sent my lung juice to a lab for tests.  Sometimes they can get a diagnosis of the mass just from the fluid.  Maybe I won’t have to have a scope sent down my chest after all.

We received the CT scan results from the radiologist.  I was given a CD with the images and a report.  The report explained I have an anterior mediastinal mass into the anterior right hemithorax, located right between my lungs.  Approximate dimensions are 17.4cm x 14.0cm x 10-11.0cm.  The CD only had this image.

We still don’t know what the mass is. All we know is the size, location and I’m supposed to save Mars.

One thought on “Monster Inside Me

  1. I’m your mom’s playmate. Your mother always said you’re funny. Your sense of humor has brought you a new fan (me). Hang in there — knowing so many people love you will help you through this ordeal. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the family.

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